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Band BIO

      With an in-your-face sound, and an incredible stage presence comes Becoming Sons out of San Antonio, TX. When asked what genre would you categorize yourself as, they responded "metal-praise-core!". With such an unique and interesting sound, the music itself is not the focal point of the band. "Ultimately, we are on stage, and performing for an audience of one. That's our King in heaven Jesus Christ" says front man Roger Garza. 

     Birthed 3 years ago by their drummer Roger Stack and a lifelong friend, Becoming Sons originally started as just an "harder" sounding praise band. Throughout the years, the band members were always heavily influenced by metal, and hardcore, and soon enough the "sound" made its way into the music. From face ripping guitar solos, vocal screams, and blast beats on the drums, there is no doubt that Becoming Sons is heavier than heavy. 


    With an already released album "Flesh to Death" in November 2018, Becoming Sons continues to become a fan favorite.  Songs that highlight the album are: "Slaves", "Because You Were The Lamb", and their rendition of the classic hymn "Nothing But The Blood".  Becoming Sons is also widely known for their rendition of DC Talks "Jesus Freak" that they've been performing live since 2018. 

    After opening for national touring acts, such as Red, Disciple & Kutless from 2018 to 2019, Becoming  Sons returned to the studio to record two singles, "Open Arms" and "Illuminate". "Illuminate" was released in May of 2020, and continued to climb on the Christian Music Weekly Chart and receive national radio play. The single debuted at no.4 on the CMW Rock Chart, ranked on Billboard's Top 100 for one week, stayed on Christian Music Weekly's Loud Chart at no.1 for sixteen straight weeks, and was also no.1 on the CMW Top Loud Sounds of 2020. 


    Currently, Becoming Son's lineup is changing as they are about to play the KOUJ Block Party, Chains Unchained 2021 & Rock 'n The River. They are also focusing on a new single soon to be released later in 2021 with another full length album,  yet to be named. Becoming Sons continues to experiment with new sounds and creative ways to bring the word of God to the masses. They plan to tour throughout 2021 and are looking forward to growing with other like-minded individuals. 



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Peter Smith, Radio host

97x FM The Underground

"I remember when I first got to sit down and listen to this song, [Slaves] I actually ended up listening to it, what was it, like four or five different times?"

"I can't get enough of them. I can't wait for this album to also come out, so I can pick it up, and so we can, well so I can share all their music with you."

Matthew Coker,

"You guys are phenomenal! It's always kinda hit or miss with an indie band doing this style of music, but you guys hit it out of the park! The whole album is great, but I'm picking my four favorites: Always There, Walk On Water, Defiant, Nothing But The Blood. Seriously good stuff. And I really do like Nothing But The Blood."

Christian Sullivan

Becoming Sons, hailing from San Antonio, Texas are slowly building their personnel as they just announced 

their brand new vocalist Roger Garza to the group. Describing themselves as Metal Praise Core 

with their mixture of Metal, Hard Rock and Metalcore is something to behold, with their 

high intensity and creative surroundings that 

have made them a band that will make waves across our airwaves and in the general public's eye.

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Warriors Night out
Zion Festival