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Extended Bio

Becomings Sons are a San Antonio-based five piece metal band that was founded in 2015 by original members Roger Stack (drums) and Brian Derby (bass), who had played previously together in the music scene, and began writing with a former guitar player whom Roger met at his church. They progressively went from a CCM sound to heavier sound to eventually metal thats been dubbed metalpraisecore. They completed their lineup after many seasons of change with Marcus Allen (melodic vocals and lead guitar) , Chad Perkins (scream vocals), and Justin Barrera (guitar).

In 2018, Becoming Sons released their first single, "Slaves", which included a b-side covering a hymn, " Nothing But The Blood", which were well received  from the start, followed by their debut album Flesh To Death!

In 2020, they released two singles, Illuminate and Open Arms which saw Illuminate reach number 4 on the CMW Rock Charts for 2020 and the number one spot for 16 straight weeks on the CMW Loud Charts and one week on SMR Top 100.

Currently, Becoming Sons continues to write, have just released the single Awakened, and will be releasing their upcoming album with the same name in 2024. Awakened the single is already receiving rave reviews. The band has just signed with Resurrection Records and is looking forward to a great year which already includes two festival invites. 

Brief Bio

BecomingSons is a five-piece metal outfit based out of San Antono, Texas known for their catchy melodic hooks, sick riffs, intricate guitar work, and energetic live performances.  Formed in 2015 by Roger and Brian after different lineup changes, the band is complete and a powerful force to contend with, with the recent and current additions of Marcus, Chad and Justin in 2022. In 202