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// guitar

Justin Barrera, guitarist, brings a dynamic influence to the band and is the perfect compliment to Marcus. He is active in his church's worship team. 

Justin played in the secular scene for many years before being born again. 

Justin plays Schecter Guitars.


// drums

Roger Stack, drummer for Becoming Sons, and founder of the band, Roger lived abroad for many years before returning to Texas to form a secular band called, Stimple. Although a  professional, successful band, Roger convicted to walk away, and commit his life to Christ, after falling into the "rock trap" of addictions..

He gave his life to Christ in 2010, and ever since has been utilizing his drumming for a purpose bigger than himself. Roger formed Becoming Sons, and has never looked back.

He is an endorser of Soultone Cymbals and Xcel Drumsticks.



Chad Perkins hails from Rollo, Missouri. He's the stereotypical brutal vocalist onstage, and down-to-earth guy offstage.

His screams rival some of the best you've heard.

He gives back by teaching online classes for screams. 


Marcus is Becoming Sons' lead guitarist, and melodic lead vocalist also.

He is also the frontman for Forever Alive and plays drums, guitars, leads worship for his church. A multi-talented musician.

He came to BecomingSons as a once "hired gun", who impressed the band so much, they asked if he would join. 

It took a season, but he felt led to join and is one half of the dual vocal attack of BecomingSons.


// lead guitar




// bass

Brian Derby is a versatile musician, and has been active professionally abroad. He is Becoming Sons' bassist, but is also a very talented guitarist. Brian's solidness makes him the backbone of the band. He is active in community service, as well as serving local churches with volunteering. Brian is a lifelong musician friend of Roger Stack, as they were former bandmates of Hollowpoint, prior to their  reuniting to form the Christian ministry band, Becoming Sons..

photo credit Chad Fenner

photo location Block Party, KOUJ, Norman, OK

050-20-Becoming Sons.JPG


BecomingSons hails from San Antonio, Texas originally with key members from Alice, Texas and Missouri. 

They are an aggressive five-piece metal band with a melodic, groove, thrash, metal core sound that is all mashed together to create what's dubbed, #metalpraisecore. 


BecomingSons' sound wasn't intentional at first. The band actually started off as a couple guys from a San Antonio church sound room who would get together to play some songs for their worship team. 


The band's name is derived from a Bible study in Romans chapter eight, verses twelve through fourteen where Paul summarizes in putting to death the fleshly (carnal, worldly) things because in the end, they die, and instead, living in the Spirit becoming Sons of God. (NKJV)


The bands first goal was to play a fall festival, which was rained out. Progressively the band got heavier as they went on, and members, lineups came and went, and so did the accolades; scoring the number one Loud song on the CMW Charts for 16 straight weeks in 2020, and breaking the SMR 100 with "Illuminate"in the same year. 


The band sums up the lineup changes from the point of view that God was merely testing and refining each members foundation of what they were building as a foundation to the band, which has led them to this current and final lineup.


BecomingSons has an in-your-face, energetic and crowd participating show, which appeals to audiences, whether it's their first time seeing them or not.  

Never  afraid to jump in the audience, BecomingSons leaves everything on the stage and in the crowds. 


Currently, BecomingSons has recently signed with Resurrection Records, looking forward to the release of "Awakened", an upcoming EP, and will be coming to a town near you soon!

Photo Credit Poetic Angel Photography

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