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// lead guitar


Chris Rodriguez, Lead Guitarist of "Becoming Sons", was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He has been playing guitar for 22 years. Plays many other instruments, as well as many other styles of music. He first came to be called by Christ in 2005 during a Bible study being held at his parents house, and there became his journey. With his addition into Becoming Sons, he is hoping to continue his ministry, career, and through his God-given talents, plant the seed of the Good News to hungry ears.


// bass


Brian Derby is a versatile musician, and has been active professionally abroad. He is Becoming Sons' bassist, but is also a very talented guitarist. Brian's solidness makes him the backbone of the band. He is active in community service, as well as serving local churches with volunteering. Brian is a lifelong musician friend of Roger Stack, as they were former bandmates of Hollowpoint, prior to their  reuniting to form the Christian ministry band, Becoming Sons.


// vocals


Daniel Bas is Becoming Sons' original lead vocalist, and will be helping our for KOUJ Block Party and Chains Unchained Festival this summer. 

Currently the band is seeking a permanent vocalist.


// guitar


Becoming Sons is seeking a second guitarist, but for the time-being, Daniel Bas will refilling in.  


// drums


Roger Stack, drummer for Becoming Sons, and founder of the band, Roger served in the Marine Corps and lived abroad for many years before returning to Texas to form a secular band called, Stimple. Although a  professional, successful band, Roger felt the need to walk away, and commit his life to Christ.

He gave his life to Christ, and was baptized by immersion in 2010, and ever since been on fire for the Lord. Utilizing his drumming skills for praise, and briefly playing in the Christian praise band, Rev14, Roger formed Becoming Sons, and has never looked back.

He is an unashamed Christian, ordained Deacon,  wanting to take Becoming Sons wherever  God wills, and spread the gospel to every creature, through heavy music.